V. Patron Program

How are we different from others?

Mentoring provides a powerful opportunity to improve students’ learning outcomes through teachers learning with and from each other, making skills and experiences inter-generational.

The New 5th Patron’s career mentoring teacher program is a nationally unique initiative, which has been implemented in cooperation with the Baranya County Government Office (program owner) and the Pécs Leraning District Center (professional coordinating organization) since 2006.

School activity
Mentor teacher

Our mission

The basic tasks of mentor teachers are: to help with academic progress, career orientation, job search, promotion of employment and community development.

It's all about you

Personalized educational materials (audio and video recordings, written materials, presentations), continuous contact with mentors via chat on demand.

Study with us! Improve your knowledge!

Through individual mentoring, you can avoid falls and improve your grades.

Your mentor teacher will create an individual career choice plan to select the most appropriate profession and secondary school for you.

You can develop your knowledge and skills in individual, small group or large group sessions.

Reach your mentor teacher at any time, either in person or online. 

As part of company visits, mentees can try out the tools to gain first-hand experience of the profession.

Mentor teachers uses a lesson plan for individual sessions with a focus on personality development.

Career choice, job search

With the help of self-knowledge and career knowledge, you will have the opportunity to choose the right life path.

Your mentor teacher will listen to your parents, class teacher, and specialty teachers to orient you toward the path that works best for you.

During company visits, you can try out the tools, meet the practitioners of the given profession to realize the profession for you.

You can also count on a mentor teacher during your career choice. If you have any questions or doubts, always contact us!


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